David James Smith

David James Smith

Full Stack Web Developer
I'm a full stack web developer specialising in client side and server side development for complex scalable web applications. Microsoft Certified and highly skilled in ASP.Net MVC, C# and SQL Server. Over 25 years experience within large and small organisations. Want to know how I can help your project? Check out my portfolio and online CV.
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What I do

I have extensive experience building software solutions for clients across all industry sectors. Below is a quick overview of my main technical skill sets and technologies I use. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my online CV and project portfolio.
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Highly proficient in C# version 8 (and all previous versions), including multi-threading / thread safe techniques, LINQ, debugging & diagnostics, refactoring.
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Asp.Net MVC

Exceptional ability in all Asp.net MVC versions up to MVC 5 and Core, Web API & Swagger, Razor templates, MVC 5 to Core migration and legacy skills in Asp and Asp.Net.
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SQL Server & Entity Framework

Expertise in database design and performance optimisation, reporting services, stored procedures. Entity framework 6 and Core including mobile.
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JavaScript & jQuery

Expert knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Ajax / RESTful calls, JSON, JSON/P.

Font Awesome & Bootstrap

Font Awesome including V5 / SVG, Bootstrap, Bootstrap theme development and customisation via compilation from source.


HTML 5, CSS3 (all browsers), CSS Pre-processors (SASS and LESS), mobile first design implementation / responsive sites.

TFS, Git & GitHub

Source code version / release control with SourceSafe, TFS, SubVersion, Git / GitHub.
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Xamarin Forms, Windows Services

Mobile applications using Xamarin Forms / SQLite. Custom Windows Services for processing and task execution.